Uniquely productive invoice FLOW adding speed, accountability and automation to your accounts payable process..

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DocuBizz is a genuine time and money saver, adding speed and accountabillity to your accounts payable process

Through intelligent and intuitive approval and booking, DocuBizz is the most seamless and efficient solution to expedite the invoices you receive. DocuBizz allows you to easily and thoroughly scrutinize every single supplier invoice, making sure you only pay what you are supposed to.

No other solution will give you what you need as a hassle free, managed, Cloud based service, at a low transparent and fixed cost. NO surprises!

Most other solutions will make massive demands on your IT infrastructure as well as on your time AND in addition bill you by the hour throughout the lifetime of the system.

WE manage the technically difficult and time consuming parts

With DocuBizz WE set up the integration tailored to your ERP/bookkeeping package according to YOUR needs.

WE uniquely run the time consuming OCR recognition of your invoices for you – in real time – fully integrated.

WE do the backup, upgrades and all the maintenance to keep you up and running 24-7.

YOU are free to use any scanner or existing MFP, from any location, no extra investment required.

WE train and support your staff AND develop the system as you develop your business.

We make virtually NO demands on your time or your IT department. We bill you a fixed amount, everything all-inclusive, so you WILL stay within budget – always!

NO tip of the iceberg pricing. NO hidden costs. NO surprises.

You ALWAYS do business directly with us. BOTH in the decision making process AND with support. NO third party involved to shift blame, confuse the dialog and add costs. As a result, we are ALWAYS on the same page as you.

We make virtually NO demands on your time or your IT department. We bill you a fixed amount, everything all-inclusive, so you WILL stay within budget – always!

We ONLY make Money if you stay with us..

..and ONLY if we keep solving your problems and meeting your needs fast and efficiently.

That is how our business model works for you.

About us: Who we are and what we do

Get the inside story on why and how DocuBizz is a better deal, from founder & CEO Mads Toksvaerd.