The Inside Story

Why and how DocuBizz is a better deal for you

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We decided to make DocyBizz different from the rest:

When we decided, more than 10 years ago, to develop the DocuBizz Cloud Service, it was based on first hand experiences with existing solutions in the marketplace. We found that there was definitely room for improvements. We created The DocuBizz Advantage.


We only make money if you stay, and ONLY if we keep solving your problems and meeting your needs on a day-to-day basis.

NOT front heavy

You pay us a modest amount to get you started, and as you realize day to day savings and benefits

NO “tip of the iceberg" pricing

We make virtually NO demands on your time or your IT. We bill you ONLY a fixed monthly amount. All-inclusive, so you WILL stay within budget. Always!

DocuBizz is NOT a puzzle

it is all there, in one intuitive system. WE run it, develop it and support it for you. ALL part of your DocuBizz Cloud experience.

NO “Pay as you break/change”

All upgrades and new versions are automatically installed every time you log in – no hassle and no extra charge. You are always running the newest and best DocuBizz there is

What we found:

  • Systems were based on “hit and run”. Deliver the software, collect the money, and only come back to make it work if the customer is willing to pay you again,
  • Pricing was very “front heavy”. Customers had to spend a lot of money up front before realizing any potential benefits
  • All based on “tip of the iceberg pricing”. Customers were only able to see about 15% of the real cost. That being, the license cost, along with a few hours of install support
  • A puzzle. Customers were supplied with a number of isolated SW packages (one for scanning, another one for OCR, one for database, one for application etc,) and it all had to be made to work with existing systems and infrastructure, databases etc.
  • Customers had to assume the responsibility of making it work together, have staff trained, and re-trained on all the different pieces of the puzzle
  • Pay as you break/change. If anything goes wrong, or needs to change you are paying the supplier to essentially tell you that it is not their problem. However they will fix it – if you pay them enough

And surprisingly most of this STILL holds true for most systems in the market place – the way they are sold, delivered and supported.

It is still; front heavy, tip of the iceberg, pay as you break/change, complicated and time-consuming.

Granted, some of the systems suppliers offer a “cloud-adaption” of their system.

They are however typically not too eager to deliver it. Their business model is built to get the money up front, leaving the responsibility of getting the system to work on a daily basis to the customers IT department, their admin department and the users in general.

The DocuBizz approach – The math is simple:

Even amongst those who DO offer a “cloud adaption” of their software, virtually nobody except DocuBizz is willing to take day-to-day responsibility for the first step in every AP flow system:

The engine that fuels the rest of the process: OCR reading of the invoices.

This has been an intrical and 100% integrated part of the DocuBizz Service from the very beginning.

We have 10 years and tens of millions of invoices under our belt, fully benefiting every new DocuBizz client.

For every day we spend improving the engine that fuels the process, 1000 individual customers would potentially have to spend a day too.

So one day becomes 1000 days. HOWEVER by virtue of our unique cloud approach, 1000 DocuBizz clients only need to cover 1/1000th of the cost.

The same goes for the other parts of running an AP flow system. The DocuBizz Cloud does all the technically difficult and time-consuming parts.

You reap the benefits of an economy-of-scale in terms of knowledge and cost of IT infrastructure.

Plus, we let everybodys input benefit all. As a result, all good ideas will automatically land in your lap, as we incorporate them into new versions of DocuBizz.

We ONLY make Money if you stay with us..

..and ONLY if we keep solving your problems and meeting your needs fast and efficiently.

That is why our business model works for you.