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DocuBizz serves more than 1.000 business internationally, and we would LOVE to serve you too!

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The DocuBizz service digitizes and automates the processing of ALL your supplier invoices regardless of source and format.

It includes the registration & data entry, the approval, the cost distribution, and the automatic booking of all approved supplier invoices.

You will get the DocuBizz Service custom fitted for your specific brand of ERP system.

Adding the DocuBizz service includes seeing the original supplier invoice directly from your ERP, as well as in your DocuBizz desktop application and in the DocuBizz App.

Not only will you be able to find & review the original invoice, by project, by case file, by supplier and/or by account. In addition, you will see when it was approved and by whom.

Valuable comments added in the flow can save you time and increase the accuracy in project/client controlling, reordering, budgeting, and follow up.

No more running around looking for invoices to find an item number, what you last paid, or who approved this cost, and why.


Scrutinize your suppliers thoroughly before you pay!

Experience shows that the DocuBizz thorough and intuitive approval process saves money, potentially on every single invoice processed. Your project/office managers job just got a lot easier.

Specific accounts/projects/case files can be designated to the individual DocuBizz user, or roll, for ease and accuracy in cost distribution, thus allowing users outside the accounting department to participate safely.

With DocuBizz, You can make sure ONLY to accept the right price, terms and conditions. Avoid overpaying or being charged twice.


The whole process is transparent in one intuitive system

Accounting staff will love the ability to manage the transparent process, in a timely manner, with NO late payments and without having to hunt down missing invoices or late approvers.

When scrutinized, approved and accounted for, the invoices are automatically booked in your ERP system. Auditing, budgeting and general cost control just got much easier with a 100% auditable trail.


  • Management will love the continuous savings, accountability and security along with the ability to ”drill down” at will.
  • Accounting staff will love the ability to manage a transparent process in a timely manner with NO late payments.
  • Your approvers/project managers will love the intuitive ability to scrutinize your suppliers and the ease of accessing original invoices including history and comments.
  • Your accountant will love the ability to audit on-line, and You will love the reduced auditing cost.
  • DocuBizz continuously saves your business time & money, while adding accountability, security and speed.
  • DocuBizz is Available all across industries and ERP systems.