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DocuBizz incadea Special Edition

You can get the DocuBizz Service custom made for your specific brand of INCADEA Dealer Management System.

db39Adding the DocuBizz service includes seeing the actual invoice received from your supplier directly from your DMS system.


The “View DocuBizz Invoice” button will appear in all the right places in your INCADEA DMS package.


Not only will you be able to review the actual invoice received, the DocuBizz window will also show you when it was approved, by whom, and how the cost was accounted for.


Valuable comments added in the flow, can save you time and increase the accuracy in budgeting, and controlling.

No more running around searching for invoices, answers or trying to guess WHO approved this cost, and WHY.

It’s all there at a click of the DocuBizz button – in one view.

DocuBizz replaces the typical traveling stack of randomly placed and misfiled paper invoices. Through a unique personal inbox system, appointed users may approve, reject, book, hold, forward and/or comment on invoices.

Experience shows…Potential hard savings on every invoice processed through DocuBizz!!


db40Now your staff can approve, reject, hold or forward received invoices.

In addition, the approver can book costs associated with the invoice in the same step.

DocuBizz gives on-line access to a personalized account plan directly from your ERP – including all relevant dimensions.

Using Purchase Orders?  You get all open p.o.’s to match incoming invoices on-line in DocuBizz.





With DocuBizz, you can be sure that you ONLY accept the right price, terms & conditions while also ensuring that you are not overpaying or being charged twice.

Before approving, users can scrutinize the received invoice against previously approved invoices, and purchasing agreements.

 The Whole process is transparent within one intuitive system

Admin will love the ability to manage the transparent process, in a timely manner, with NO unintentionally late payments, or having to hunt down missing invoices or late approvers.


When scrutinized, approved and accounted for, the invoices are automatically booked in your incadea package. Auditing, budgeting and general cost control just got much easier with a 100% auditable trail.

 In addition, get online access to work orders and sales files




Credit notes

Account statements

Work orders

Sales files





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