Automation Intelligence Flow

The unique DocuBizz service "Automation Intelligence Flow" provides an optimization of the document recognition resulting in the highest possible rate of automatic forwarding of documents for approval.

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Invoices and credit notes come in a variety of layouts and styles conveying not only accounting data but also corporate identity. When automatically reading accounting data, this variety of layout and styles is a challenge the DocuBizz team has taken up for many years on behalf of their customers.

Automation Intelligence Flow (AIF) now takes the automatic reading of accounting data to another level by not only reading standard accounting data, but also automatically classifying certain business cases in order to automatically assign the correct workflow even when directed at different locations.

Lets take an example: A car dealer has 5 locations, each with a service department and a parts department.

  • Vendor invoices are scanned and received by email at the main location, and forwarded to Docubizz.
  • Car dealerships often have certain vendors set up with more than one vendor account. Most often this is the case with vehicle vendors that have one account for vehicles and another for parts.  DocuBizz automatically recognizes which type a document belongs to, and assigns the correct vendor account accordingly.
  • The location, and thereby the correct parts department, is also automatically assigned.
  • All relevant header information is read, and the document is sent to the relevant departments for approval.
  • Docubizz can even prepost the documents to financial accounts or vehicle accounts before forwarding them to the ERP system.

The center of Automation Intelligence Flow is a regular data analysis showing which vendors delivers most documents. With this knowledge 60 to 80% automatic assignment of workflow can quickly be achieved.

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