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DocuBizz Headquarters

Hoerskaetten 18,
DK 2630 Taastrup


US/Canada +1-312-543-2259

Europe +45-43 55 25 00

DE +49 (0) 2 01 – 4 95 57 84




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DocuBizz serves more than 1.000 business internationally, and we would LOVE to serve you too!

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DocuBizz Special Editions

You ALWAYS get your DocuBizz service as a custom edition tailored for your specific business.

If we haven’t already, we are always happy to integrate with your ERP/DMS/Bookkeeping system of choice!

The DocuBizz editions amongst other features include:

  • Your up-to-date account plan and dimensions available in DocuBizz, allowing a complete accounting of invoice and automatic booking
  • Your complete and updated supplier database including credit terms and more to ensure that all invoices are posted in the relevant supplier account
  • Using P.O.’s, you get all open purchasing orders to match incoming invoices to the relevant P.O. on-line in DocuBizz
  • A “view DocuBizz invoice” button added in selected screens in your ERP/Bookkeeping package



DocuBizz is designed to add value to the investment you have made in your ERP/Bookkeeping system.

DocuBizz takes full advantage of all the information and logic you already have entered and maintained there.

We do NOT ask you to duplicate information, or re-enter data, we utilize the work you have already done.